HUSH No More Champions – Podcast Episodes from January 2021

HUSH No More Champions – Podcast Episodes from January 2021

Podcasts we hosted in January 2021

HUSH No More Champions is a platform to allow Survivors, Advocates, and Nonprofit Organizations to have a safe space to discuss their experience with the HUSH Topics and how they recovered from their trauma. Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton interviews amazing guests that will help you address your own personal journey and provide valuable resources. Awareness + Knowledge=Prevention.

January 2, 2021

Enriqua Berry discusses the childhood abuse that she experienced from three family members. Now she works with children who have been abused to offer the assistance that she never received as a child. All parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents should listen to this episode. 90% of child sexual abuse happens by someone the child knows.

January 5

Join Dr. Vanessa Guyton and Ms. Anna Nasset of Stand Up Resources as they discuss the dangers of stalking. Ms. Nasset will share her personal journey and provide advice to handle a stalker. You never know when someone may attach themselves to you. Be ready!

January 13, 20201

We believe in having the difficult conversations. Do you know how to talk to your children about the possibility of being touched sexually by another child? Its not always an adult!! Sometimes it is a sibling.

Join Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton and Mrs. Jane Epstein as they have this intriguing conversation.

January 19, 2021

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton provides 5 important topics that all parents need to know and should be doing to protect their children from predators. 1 in 10 children are molested before the age of 18.

90% of all children know their abuser.

January 26, 2021

Join Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton and Nicole Snell of Girls Fight Back as they discuss how you and your family can fight back if you are attacked by a predator. Personal Self-Defense is a skill that you don’t know you need until its too late.

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