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Hush No More Domestic Violence Awareness Walk

Family Life Center 704 Gabriel St, Columbia

This free event includes a walk in the community, a Domestic Violence Survivor Tribute, as well as other vendors and community organizations. This is a family event. Please register at to receive your free t-shirt!

Join us in person (we hope to see you) or virtually!

Hush No More Career Ready Training

Via Zoom

About this event
Are you trying to leave an abusive relationship? Are you trying to reinvent yourself? Do you need help with writing your resume or improving your interviewing skills? If so, this training is for you! HUSH No More is proud to offer this free training to improve the financial status of individuals in our community. We believe that job training can help individuals who want to leave an abusive relationship, because it can remove the financial burden of making major life decisions. We also believe that finding a new career can assist in aiding you to move forward and heal from your trauma.

This training will discuss how to find a new position and get hired.

HUSH No More is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2019 to provide a platform for Survivors to share their experience with the “HUSH Topics” and to receive support from other Survivors and Victim Advocates. As well as provide training that will lead to awareness and prevention in our community. HUSH Topics are those topics that individuals, families, and organizations have a hard time discussing, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, etc. Statistics show that these topics happen in 1 out of 6 households and the numbers are growing. Our vision is to create a world where Survivors feel empowered to HUSH No More, and share their stories with others to create knowledge that leads to safer communities.

Hush No More Sex, Drugs, & Alcohol College Forum

Via Zoom

About This Event This virtual event is for college students. We will have a real and raw discussion about what happens on college campuses. This event is all about providing awareness that leads to prevention.1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men are sexually assaulted in college. The target audience is high school seniors and college students. Students […]