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Hush No More Documentary

Watch our Hush No More Documentary Trailer.

HUSH No More is the highly anticipated documentary!

Our focus on The HUSH Topics:

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence, & Child Sexual Abuse

Who We Are

     HUSH No More

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2019 to provide a platform for Survivors to share their experience with the “HUSH Topics” and to receive support from other Survivors and Victim Advocates.​

As well as provide training that will lead to awareness and prevention in our community. HUSH Topics are those topics that individuals, families, and organizations have a hard time discussing, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, etc. Statistics show that these topics happen in 1 out of 6 households and the numbers are growing.


Angela Patterson, U.S. Army Japan

“Dr. Guyton provided training that was fun yet informative to our organization.

Everyone is looking for her to come back.”

Dr. Geraldine Mack, Dunamis Consulting

“HUSH No More provides training that encourages & inspire survivors.

I laughed and cried all in one day.”

Alexis Foxx, Survivor

“Hush No More gave me something I lost after my attack, my hope back! Hush No More’s Advocacy support help me push thru my darkest moments.”



Sharing your journey is a form of release that has been scientifically proven to heal your mind & spirit. Some people view it as a form of therapy.

Encourage other Survivors

When you share your journey, other Survivors are naturally encouraged by your strength and courage to come forward for help.


When you share your journey, our community becomes aware of the tragedies that are occurring on a daily basis.


Awareness leads to prevention because individuals are more knowledgeable about the importance of safety.

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